For the school year 2017-18, CBC families will be able to submit Athletic Physicals via an online process. Families simply need to follow the link below to set up a free account. Just click “Register” and from there, you can directly complete and/or use your smart device to safely and securely upload all forms.
It’s as easy as Facebook!

Physical Form to be Uploaded

Need Help Using Privit

The Missouri State High School Activities Association is initiating a new digital standard for the pre-participation physical exam process, called Privit Profile™. Privit Profile™ includes the MSHSAA’s comprehensive health history questionnaire in a format that is easy to use, legible, and accessible to help mitigate injury risks related to sports. The system facilitates the management of the pre-participation physical exam process and provides coaches, athletic trainers and medical personnel the information they need to react quickly to health situations.